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Writing for People and Building for Bots

Writing is hard, and writing for the web has its own set of rules. The best, most finely crafted text can go unseen if it doesn’t follow the rules. Content has to be written for people and built for bots.

With ten years web development experience and more than thirty years writing everything from business proposals to grant requests to academic papers and advertising copy, I have the skills and the talent to engage your readers as well as the technical knowledge to help propel your web site to higher rankings with the search engines.

Beautifully crafted prose, technical writing, case studies, articles that inform and entertain, proofreading — these are the tools of my trade. Whether you’re trying to provide clarity to complex instructions, tell people about a product or service, writing a summary for a business plan or hosting blog articles, I’m available to create the content you need in a style that complements your site.

If you find yourself struggling with:

  • Trouble finding the right words,
  • Content that’s too simple or too complex,
  • Describing your product or service to readers,
  • Finding time to write all that your site needs,
  • A thousand other reasons your content isn’t there or working well,

Get in touch with me. Together will will craft the perfect text to engage, inspire and motivate readers with elegant, informative an entertaining content that will keep your readers coming back for more.